In a worldwide economy, we must prepare our children to be competitive with the world

around us to enter the new job market.  That is why we must always look at new and innovative

ideas and make sure that our children have a solid foundation of the basics to excel. 


I believe that the best decisions are made at the local level by the parents, educators, and local

school boards that work daily with these children. I believe all forms of education are imperative

to help students succeed because each student has different needs and parents are best suited

to make the best choice for their children.


Goals for the upcoming session:

-Reject a top-down approach from either the federal government or state bureaucracy that

will get in the way of local educators and parents from best addressing the needs of their


-Decisions are best made at the local level. I support reforms to allow the people who work

daily with our kids to have a larger say in our education system operates in our community.


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