We must lower the cost of Healthcare by offering private market solutions that allow each

individual a choice that allow them the ability to cover themselves.  Rather than forcing

people to comply with forced mandates like ObamaCare, I believe and have supported

free market solutions.


I was named “Friend of the Montana Medical Association” for my work in the 2013

Legislative Session to reduce the cost of healthcare by eliminating frivolous medical

lawsuits, eliminating fraud and trying to keep the decision-making process between doctors

and patients, not the bureaucracy in D.C.


Goals for the upcoming session:

-I will oppose the implementation of Obamacare in Montana. This is a federal problem,

but the states can—and should—make their opinion known.

-I will support proposals that give Montanans more choice in making healthcare decisions.

-I will continue to protect Montana taxpayers from as many of the forced mandates of

Obamacare and the long-term costs that the State will bear if implemented.