As a small business owner, I know how burdensome regulations and red tape can stop

your business from being successful.  That is why I have continued to be one of the

highest ranked legislative members over the past four sessions by the Montana Chamber

of Commerce.  In fact, last session they named me a “Champion of Business” for my Pro

Business voting record.


Click Here to go to the Montana Chamber of Commerce Legislative Review 


-I have carried legislation that has exempted groups in the transportation industry from

excessive Worker’s Compensation charges.

-I Co-sponsored the state’s largest Worker’s Compensation reduction bill in the last 20

years that has lowered Worker’s Compensation Rates by 26% in the last four years.

-I have worked on and helped carry two Business Equipment Tax bills that have eliminated 

this tax for nearly 17,000 small businesses across the state of Montana and nearly cut the

tax in half for all other businesses. 



Goals for the upcoming session:


-Continue to further lower the Business Equipment Tax so that businesses will not be taxed

on the equipment they need to be successful.

-Continue to work for more improvements in our Worker’s Compensation system to drive

additional reductions in cost.

-Continue to protect the Insure Montana Small Business Program so that small businesses

can continue to provide insurance to their employees.

-Continue to vote against unneeded red tape and regulations and promote an environment

of free market principles that prove that Montana is “Truly Open for Business.”

-Continue to support the trade programs at our Vo-Tech and community colleges so that

students can receive the proper training and experience to find good paying Montana jobs.